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For most New Englander’s, swimming and aquatic recreation is only available for about half of the year. Our cold winters force us to close down our outdoor swimming pools in the late fall and wait until early spring before reopening them. For residential and commercial property owners, there’s a strong temptation to consider building an indoor pool – one that can be used year round. Indoor swimming pools obviously come at a higher price than the typical outdoor pool, but the advantages of swimming 12 months of the year are leading more and more homeowners and commercial property owners to consider this option. When you think about renovation of your indoor swimming pools, think first of Affordable Pools, a locally owned and operated indoor pool remodeler.

A indoor pool is a popular choice for both residential and commercial property owners. At Affordable Pools, we have the expertise, experience, and creativity needed to remodel indoor swimming pool that meets your goals for year-round recreation and exercise, from a lap-swimming pool to a luxurious pool and spa combination that will enhance any type of property, including:

  • Residential Indoor Pools – Doubling the amount of time your pool can be used greatly increases the joy of pool ownership. If you can use your pool year round, you’ll get more enjoyment and great exercise, no matter what the season. Residential indoor pools can be built in a separate building, or included within the walls of your residence, depending on the particular situation.
  • Commercial Indoor Pools – Any swimming pool is valuable only if it can be used by your residents, tenants, and guests. An outdoor pool limits that use to just half of the year. Renovating your indoor pool and other aquatic facilities, you add dramatically to the attractiveness of your property and that gives you a clear advantage over other properties.
commercial indoor pool
commercial indoor pool

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