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pool plaster

Pool Plastering

Affordable Pools’ array of plaster options means you can select the color and quality of materials we use when we work on your pool. Our pool plastering service has provided clients in the New England area a high quality finish for their pool or spa while keeping costs down.

White Marble Based Pool Plaster

Whether you want to use pool plaster, pebble or quartz, Affordable Pools will help you find the material that’s right for both your tastes and budget. Our standard pool plaster is a marble-based mix that has made high quality pools since the 1960s. Most pools feature a plaster finish, which is a mixture of white cement and crushed marble and provides a hard and smooth finish. A full pool makes white plaster walls appear to shimmer blue. However, pool plaster can be porous and can harbor bacteria and stains, and requires the use of additional chemicals to keep it clean and maintain its life span.

Diamond Brite Plaster

A Diamond Brite quartz interior is plaster with quartz mixed in, making your covering harder, less porous and stain-resistant. This makes your pool surface more durable and can extend the life of your pool’s finish while offering a variety of color options for your finish.


Pebble Plaster Finish

Another option Affordable Pools provides is a pebble plaster finish, our highest quality resurfacing material. This simulates the natural beauty of creeks and riverbeds while offering a variety of colors to your pool or spa finish. Pebble plaster finishes are incredibly stain-resistant and durable, lasting for years to come while making your backyard pool or spa shine.

pool plaster


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