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Regularly cleaning your office kitchen is a critical part of ensuring a safe and healthy work environment. If it’s not adequately cleaned, the potential for food-borne illness increases. This can lead to employee absenteeism due to sickness and decreased productivity. Additionally, leaving the kitchen unclean can lead to an unpleasant atmosphere that affects overall morale in the workplace.


When it comes to cleaning a kitchen in your office, there are some important steps you should take to ensure that it remains clean and hygienic.


1. Form a Cleaning Rota

To ensure that everyone takes their turn in cleaning the kitchen, form a cleaning rota and stick it up on the wall so that all staff can see and refer to it. Make sure to rotate responsibilities for cleaning each week or fortnightly.


2. Empty the Dishwasher Regularly

If your office has a dishwasher, make sure to empty it regularly so that dirty dishes don’t pile up in the sink and become a health hazard.


3. Clean Work Surfaces Daily

As part of an end-of-day routine, wipe down work surfaces such as counters, shelves and tables with anti-bacterial wipes or spray to prevent cross-contamination and to keep the surfaces hygienic.


4. Label Food Containers

If you want to avoid confusion over who owns what in the kitchen, introduce a labeling system so that everyone can identify their food items.


5. Use Air Freshener

To help mask any unpleasant odors from the kitchen, use an air freshener or scented candles to keep it smelling fresh and inviting for staff members.


6. Designate Recycling Areas

The kitchen should be made into a waste-free zone by introducing designated recycling areas for paper, glass, aluminum cans and plastic bottles. This will help promote sustainability within your office environment and discourage littering.


7. Store Food Properly

To prevent food from spoiling and attracting pests, ensure that all items are stored properly in airtight containers or the refrigerator and disposed of as soon as they reach their expiry date.


8. Keep Microwaves Clean

A dirty microwave is not only unhygienic but also a fire hazard due to the build-up of crumbs or grease residue. If you need help, visit cobaltcleanlv.com. Wipe down your microwave frequently with wet wipes and make sure that it’s kept clean at all times.


9. Schedule an Annual Deep Clean

To keep the kitchen in top condition, schedule a deep clean once a year by hiring professional cleaning service to take care of any stubborn dirt or grime buildup.


10. Discourage Eating at Desks

To keep the kitchen clean, make sure that staff are discouraged from eating food at their desks and instead encouraged to take a break in the kitchen area. This will reduce crumb spills throughout the office and help keep it in prime condition.


By following these top 10 tips, you can ensure that your office kitchen is kept clean and hygienic for all staff members to enjoy. Keep your team motivated by providing regular reminders about proper hygiene practices and always maintaining high standards of cleanliness.


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