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Full Service Pool Closings


Our purpose is to help you maintain the value and service of your pool.

Affordable pools – 25 years pool closing experience – New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

Full Pool Closing Service Includes:

  • Lower water level
  • Remove plugs from motor & filter
  • Remove filter element
  • Remove pressure gauges and empty chlorinator
  • Remove ladders, eyeballs and baskets
  • Blow out lines
  • Add Anti-freeze to prevent freezing
  • Plug returns
  • Add winter shock
  • Cover pool and store all your equipment for the spring


Partial Pool Closing Service Includes:

  • Blow out the lines
  • Add Anti-freeze to prevent freezing
  • Add winter shock


A full closing is $269 and a Partial is $189. Spa, Polaris line, waterfall, etc. is additional.

Please contact us at 1-888-611-7665 with any questions or quote.