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Commercial Pool Maintenance

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Affordable Pool Repair specializes in the development of new construction, renovation and design/build services for all Municipalities and institutional facilities in the New England Region. Affordable Pool Repair can service multiple needs for future projects such as:

  • New Commercial Swimming Pool Construction
  • Commercial Pool Renovation/Restoration
  • Commercial Pool Service and Chemical Delivery

Commercial Pool Service

Affordable Pool Repair offers a wide range of services to fit your aquatic needs. Affordable Pool Repair Service Contracts consist of but not limited to the following:

  • Weekly Outdoor Preventative Maintenance Visits.
  • Customized Outdoor Preventative Maintenance Visits.
  • Customized Indoor Preventative Maintenance Visits.
  • Filtration Maintenance.
  • Controller Maintenance.
  • Chemical Injection Service.
  • Liquid Chlorine service
  • Pulsar Service
  • Chemical Controller Service