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Pool Repair Tyngsborough MA

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Most people, particularly in the northern hemisphere, don’t think about their in-ground swimming pools when it is the middle of winter, and the pool is covered with a tarp and a foot of snow. When the weather starts to warm up in late spring, they start to consider opening the pool and preparing it for use during the summer months; they maintain it well during the summer because it is in regular use, and at the beginning of fall, they close it up, cover it, and don’t think about it for the next eight months. However, in-ground swimming pools require year-round attention to stay in good condition, and to avoid unexpected problems when opening the pool in spring, it’s best to have them maintained regularly. It is important to find a reliable and affordable pool repair company to not only perform regular maintenance on a swimming pool, but also to repair it whenever problems occur.

In the area of Tyngsborough, MA, there are only a few short months during which the pool can be used (unless it’s a covered, heated indoor pool). As a result, there is an annual cycle of maintenance which must be maintained to keep the pool in good condition. Pool Winterization in Tyngsborough MA is the process of ensuring that the pool is ready for winter, and involves covering the pool to keep ice and debris out of it. The pool must also be drained, and the water disposed of, to eliminate the risk of someone falling in, getting stuck under the cover or ice, and drowning. At the end of the cold season, the pool must be summerized, or reopened, and prepared for use.

During the months when the pool is in use, the filter must be cleaned on a regular basis, and repaired or replaced as necessary, to keep debris and insects out of the water. Any algae buildup must be removed to keep the water clear and safe, and also to facilitate maintenance of the pool filter. The bottom of the pool must be vacuumed on a regular basis to ensure that it is clean, and safe for bare feet, and the amount of chlorine added to the pool water must be constantly monitored. If the pool has a heater or lights, these must also maintained, which sometimes involves repair or replacement of certain components if they break or wear out.

When a problem arises with an in-ground pool, it is important to get it taken care of as soon as possible, to avoid any unnecessary complications. For Tyngsborough, MA, Affordable Pool Repair offers pool repair services for both residential and commercial properties. And provides service throughout Massachusetts and New Hampshire. They are available seven days a week for pool or spa-related emergencies, and respond within forty-eight hours for a normal service call, or twenty-four hours for an emergency. When repairs are needed, time can be a very important factor, so it’s reassuring for pool owners to know that they can count on a timely response.

In addition to providing repair services, companies like Affordable Pool Repair typically offer regular maintenance services as well. Weekly maintenance services, such as checking and adjusting pool chemicals, skimming the water’s surface, vacuuming the bottom of the pool, cleaning the filter and scrubbing the walls or tiles are necessary for maintaining a clean and safe in-ground pool. The price charged by Affordable Pool Repair for all of these services includes the cost of the equipment and chemicals that are necessary to perform maintenance-related tasks, and for those who don’t need weekly maintenance services, Affordable Pool Repair offers bi-weekly services. These services include regular maintenance tasks, but exclude the cleaning and vacuuming that are offered with weekly services. Those who are seeking Pool Repair in Tyngsborough, MA area can visit their website,, for a complete listing of all the services they offer.


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