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Pool Repair North Andover MA

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Few people realize how much work goes into owning and maintaining an in-ground swimming pool. In the northern hemisphere, in-ground pools (unless they are indoors and heated) are only usable for a few months per year, and during those months, the pool must be diligently maintained, and repaired when necessary, to ensure that it remains in good working order. For example, in the area of North Andover, MA, the weather is usually warm enough to use the pool between May and September, though it varies a little depending on the year; these are the months when the pool requires the most diligent maintenance.

When summer is approaching and the weather warms up enough to start using the pool, it must be summerized, meaning that it has to be opened and prepared for use. The protective covering is removed, the sides and bottom of the pool are cleaned to remove any algae or debris, and the pool is filled with water and treated with chlorine and other chemicals. All of the pool’s components – the filter, water pump, drains, etc. – must be checked to ensure that they are in working order, and any necessary repairs must be performed before the pool can be used. At the end of the warm season, the pool has to be winterized. All of the water must be drained from the pool, so that it will not pose a threat to animals or children, and so that it won’t collect debris and foster growth of organisms when not in use. The water must be disposed of, and the pool covered to keep debris out.

Despite the amount of work required to get a pool up and running in the spring, and close it in the fall, most of the maintenance must be performed when the pool is open and in use. The chlorine and other pool chemicals must be checked and adjusted on a weekly (if not daily) basis to ensure that the water is safe ad clear, and any algae buildup must be removed before it becomes a problem and clogs the filter. The drains, filters and valves must be cleaned regularly, and debris skimmed off the top of the water and vacuumed from the bottom of the pool. Any lights or heating units in the pool must also be maintained regularly, and repaired when necessary.

Most companies that offer pool repair services also perform weekly or bi-weekly maintenance tasks. For example, Affordable Pool Repair (located near North Andover, MA) not only repairs commercial and residential pools, as their name implies, but they also offer weekly maintenance services as well. These services include all necessary maintenance tasks, including vacuuming, skimming, cleaning the filter and drains, checking chemical levels, and scrubbing the bottom and sides of the pool. The cost of any chemicals they use is included in the price of the services, so there are no surprise bills for pool owners; they also offer bi-weekly services, which includes all of the aforementioned tasks except the cleaning.

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing a company to provide pool repair and maintenance services is their response time. Time is often an important consideration when a problem arises with an in-ground pool, as postponing necessary repairs can result in further damage to the pool or surrounding property. As a result, most pool repair companies will respond to a repair call fairly quickly; for example, Affordable Pool Repair responds to normal calls within 48 hours, and they respond to emergency calls within 24 hours.

With all of the work that goes into owning an in-ground pool, it’s important to carefully research the North Andover pool repair and maintenance company that you choose to employ; it’s best to hire a company that does both, so that the same company will be able to take care of any concerns that may arise. Those in the area of North Andover, MA can check out Affordable Pool Repair’s websiteat for a full listing of their services and pricing.


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