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Summer is the time of year when many people think about their in-ground swimming pools; it’s the perfect time of year to go swimming and lounge around for a tan, and when the weather is freezing, most people aren’t thinking about taking a dip. However, in reality, it’s important to think about your pool all year long, because it may need to have certain parts repaired or replaced, and it needs to be cared for properly no matter what the season. Proper maintenance is essential to prolonging the life of a pool and its components; when something does break or wear out, it is often cheaper to have a part repaired than to have it replaced, which is why finding a reliable, affordable pool repair company is important.

There are many different tasks which must be done, throughout the year, to ensure that a pool is in good working order. For those who live in climates where it isn’t warm enough to use the pool year-round, it must be closed at the end of the season – a process called winterization – which involves covering the pool, to keep debris and ice out of it, but also draining the pool and disposing of the water. This ensures that anyone who may fall into the pool will not get stuck under the pool cover, or under the ice, and drown. The pool must also be opened again, or summerized, at the beginning of the next season. The pool filter must be consistently cleaned, and repaired or replaced when necessary, to maintain clear, safe water; algae must also be removed and controlled, not only for water quality, but also to make maintenance of the filter easier. Chlorination systems must be regularly checked to ensure that water levels are not too high or too low, and if the pool has a heater or lights, these must also be maintained, and occasionally replaced.

Pool repair is not the only service afforded by most companies; for example, those in searching for Lexington, MA Pool Repair can turn to Affordable Pools for pool repair, but they also offer weekly pool maintenance services. Their residential weekly pool maintenance services include checking and adjusting pool chemicals, skimming the surface and vacuuming the bottom of the pool, emptying baskets and cleaning the filter, and brushing the walls or cleaning the tiles when necessary. They also offer bi-weekly services that include regular maintenance, but not the cleaning or vacuuming that is included with their weekly services.

Affordable Pools is a pool repair company that offers commercial and residential pool repair and maintenance services in some areas of Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Their prices include any necessary chemicals used during pool maintenance, and they are available seven days a week for pool or spa-related emergencies. They respond within forty-eight hours for a normal service call, and within twenty-four hours for an emergency call; this is important because if a serious pool repair issue arises, such as a leak or a broken pump, time is of the essence to avoid costly damages, or even injuries. Their website,, has more information about the services they offer, as well as their qualifications.

Many people only think about maintaining or repairing their pool during the months when they intend to use it, but in order to enjoy many years of use from your pool, it’s important to ensure that it is cared for properly all year long. Most pool repair companies will not only fix issues you have with your pool when something goes wrong, but they will also do regular maintenance tasks for your pool to prevent such problems from occurring.


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